Gold sponsor innovation leaders provide insights
Industry leaders answer rapid-fire questions on current state, the expo, and future
Plastics Recycling at Forefront
Experts talk about plastics recycling technology
Plastics Recycling Now, Circular Economy Sooner
Closing keynote speaker shares insights from Europe
Eastman CIO speaks on digitalization
Aldo Noseda sees four trends in chemical industry
Richard Bonner says innovation and optimization are keys to growth
Richard Bonner says innovation and optimization are keys to growth
Informative sessions open eChem Expo 2022
Panelists discuss modern advances in steam, digital technology, and explosions
Control Station
Establishing Control
Joining Forces
The Digital Twin Grows Up
The Digital Workforce
Dürr Systems
Clearing the Air
The Digital Thread
CV Technology
Stopping Explosions Before they Happen
Safety by Design
Automation Anywhere
The Art of Possible with Automation
How to Quench an Arc Flash
Scaling AWP to New Boundaries
Realizing the benefits of Industry 4.0
Rockwell Automation
Taking a Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation:
Smart Digital Procedures
How To Prevent Bad Things Happening to Good Steam Equipment
A veritable revolution in operations is underway as tablets, smartphones and wearables have proliferated in the process industry. Specialized products produced by leading vendors meeting new high-tech demands will come into focus at the 2020 eChemExpo. The following articles provide insights and a window into how top innovators will use the conference and exhibit floor to demonstrate ways to safely accelerate innovation, improve agility and increase productivity for sustainable business growth.

2022 Expo Highlights

2020-2022 Innovation Insights

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