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Change agent, writer, analyst, engineer, consultant, publisher and market development specialist are the skill sets of Peter J. Knox and his Affiliates. Highly successful as an institutional “change agent” for working with teams to develop and implement best practices which improve a company’s competitiveness … and for facilitating quantum leap business transformation.

A 30 year veteran of the chemical process, municipal, federal government and related industries, Knox received a masters degree in chemical engineering from CALTECH and a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from CSULB. International assignments have included the West Indies, West Africa and Iraq. Most recent custom publishing work includes Sustainable Innovation™ magazine and Innovation News. Integrating innovation and sustainability into the business enterprise are current specialty areas.

eChemExpo Solutions Marketplace was launched October 2000 in conjunction with EASTMAN Chemical Company. Now approaching its 16th year, the 9th Solutions Marketplace and 7th Technology Innovations Conference are scheduled for April 28, 2016. A community of over 1000 people are expected to gather together, including representatives from over 150 exhibiting companies.

Beginning in June 2011, the consulting arm of Knox Research and Publishing began doing business as EcoChem Strategies. From 2001 into 2011, Knox’s consulting and custom publishing efforts focused on best practices development and implementation for Parsons, a global engineering and construction enterprise.. Key areas of organizational transformation included: Business Development; SH&E Risk Management; Project Management; Quality; Project Controls; Customer Relations; Innovation and Sustainability.

Knox Research & Publishing grew out of the consulting practice of Peter J. Knox & Company (PJK Co) which was founded in 1994 as a “market development consultancy with global intelligence”. Early clients included International Exposition Company (the “Chem Show”), Law Engineering & Environmental Services, Executive Enterprises Inc. and Putman Publishing Company. Later clients included Chemical Week Associates (“ePlant Magazine”), PlantSuccess, Eastman Chemical Company, SAPMarkets, and Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group.

From January 1998 thru March 2000, Knox served as Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher of Chemical Processing (CP) magazine; reaching 72,000 subscribers and a monthly readership of 250,000. Knox lead the reshaping of this legendary magazine while pinpointing and addressing the most relevant issues impacting readers in the workplace and the chemical industry at large. From 1989 thru 1994, Knox served as Group Director of Programming for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers with responsibility for improving the relevance of conference, education and exposition programs. Improving relevance, interdisciplinary programming, and leadership in emerging areas were key accomplishments of this period.

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