2018 Echem Expo
Research-Based Exposition Draws Legions of New Attendees
Defining Innovation
Keynote Speaker Explores The Meaning of eChem Theme
Going Beyond Real
Rapid-Fire Panel Delivers Product Insights
Continuing Collaboration
AVEVA and Eastman are working together to digitize
Partners in Innovation
Four sponsors come together, demonstrating that the whole can indeed be bigger than the sum of its parts.
Virtual chem plants boost training and productivity
Digital Twins Increase Productivity
eChemExpo 2018 brought key innovators who showcased new products and dimensions for the workplace, effectively accelerating innovation and improving agility.
A veritable revolution in operations is underway as tablets, smartphones and wearables have proliferated in the process industry. Specialized products produced by leading vendors meeting new high-tech demands came into focus at the 2018 eChemExpo. The following articles provide insights and a window into how top innovators used the conference and exhibit floor to demonstrate ways to safely accelerate innovation, improve agility and increase productivity for sustainable business growth.

Expo Highlights

Innovation Insights

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