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TRACK 5 – The Future of Work & Sustainability

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Eric Volkerink, CEO and Founder, Trackonomy Systems

The Internet of Things has become the new frontier for mankind. Software, such as A.I. and machine learning thrives on data. Data comes from the activities of consumers and manufacturers, connected to their suppliers. The measurement of consumers, manufacturers and suppliers is done with sensors – period. Is there a camera in this building (probably 1,000), are their any thermostats here (100 or more), if a door jams open, does security know about it, if an A/C unit goes down, does it “phone home”? Your refrigerator can now tell you if you’re out of milk. Cars drive themselves…
In this presentation, Dr. Volkerink will discuss the growing market for connecting the real world to the software platforms that thrive. Applications across Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Reliability and Supply Chain ideas will be considered.

What attendees will learn

  • Methods used in solving supply chain issues with unique devices.
  • Lessons learned from use cases regarding condition monitoring.
  • Examples from various vertical markets such as: Industrial, Logistics, Health Care, Utilities and Government.

Iiro Esko, Chemical Industry Manager, Siemens

Digital threads and digital twins can be used to new possibilities to frontline workers that enhance safety and operational excellence. Examples range from remote support through video and sound feeds to asset specific training in 3D tracing mechanical work steps to avatar-based exploration and familiarization of entire industrial facilities and plant sites, and finally to an augmented reality layer available in real-time to the information hungry professional. In this presentation you will learn about four digitalization enabled use cases as well as efficient methodology for gathering the information necessary for successful and cost-effective implementations through correct specification practices towards your suppliers and value chain. Those attending this session will have a clear vision on how to transform value from 3D models, reality captures, engineering, and supplier information into advanced frontline worker training applications, leveraging CAPEX investments towards operational excellence. .

What attendees will learn:

  • Applying virtual training solutions for chemical industry frontline workers. Applying avatar-based familiarization for plant-site visualization.
  • Applying remote support in commissioning and maintenance.
  • Applying augmented reality in operations support. Specifying digital deliverables to OEM`s and EPC`s in your value chain that will enable the above use cases and lower the cost of digital transformation.

Tathagata Basu, Managing Director, Honeywell

As Chemical businesses move towards a more decarbonized value chain, while balancing the needs
of remaining competitive and ensuring workforce competency, operators must develop new digital
muscle by using an Intelligent Operations Framework through:

What attendees will learn:

  • Harnessing ubiquitous sensors, digital twin, and virtual technologies – utilizing cutting-edge tools like
    sensors and digital twins to gather real-time data and create virtual replicas of physical systems.
  • Embedding process Knowledge into Automation – Leveraging automation technologies to streamline
    processes and enhance efficiency
  • Humanizing Artificial Intelligence for future-ready operations – integrating AI with human expertise to
    make operations smarter and more adaptive.
  • An introduction to Honeywell’s extensive technological capabilities to drive safe, sustainable,
    efficient, agile, and incident-free Chemical operations.

In this concise presentation, Tathagata Basu provides a thought-leadership perspective and a view of
Honeywell’s extensive technological capabilities to drive safe, sustainable, efficient, agile, and incidentfree
Chemical operations.

Sean Gregerson, VP Asset Performance, Aveva

Generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT have been receiving a lot of attention lately. However, their implementation in traditional industrial applications has received mixed reviews. In this session, AVEVA will take you on a journey from concept to proven solution, shedding light on where the hype meets reality. Discover how Industrial Generative AI can improve performance, reliability, and sustainability in industrial operations.

What attendees will learn:

In this session you will learn how generative AI works and its application for increased performance and profitability in industrial operations.



 Nathalia Leme, Industrial Internet Manager & Drew Vaughan, Industrial Internet Operations Manager, Valmet

A training simulator can play a vital role in appealing to experienced operators who could learn how to operate new equipment or how to deal with new scenarios in a shorter amount of time, at a smaller cost, and without compromising their decision making skills in the running process. Due to a higher emotional connection created by an almost real-life experience, where learners become more focused, driven, and committed to learning, it is possible to achieve higher improvements in operators’ performance comparing to traditional learning, which shorten the path to operational excellence and makes turn over problem easier to handle. These results have been discussed and are better known than the benefits of training simulator to test DCS logics, making a more complete and reliable FAT (factory acceptance test). As the simulators replicate the logics that are used in real DCS, they can be used to test more scenarios than in traditional FAT. In this paper, we are going to talk about the
development and use of the power boiler training simulator.

What attendees will learn:

  • Training simulator
  • Turn over
  • Learning curve
  • Power boiler
  • Valmet D3 and Valmet DNA DCSs

Zach Korkowski, Senior Manager, Projects and Client Development, Index AR

Workforce development and creating a solid talent pipeline are critical needs for large companies. Index interactive eBooks and mobile apps are effective due in part to their embrace of multi-modal learning methods. Learn how one large company deployed their already developed Index internal training eBooks and mobile applications into a Community College classroom with extraordinary results for students and client.

What attendees will learn:

  • A unique approach to leverage Index digital training tools for talent pipeline.
  • A unique approach to address the challenge of Workforce Development
  • An overview of the material used in the Community College.
  • How the Index material was utilized in the Community College Classroom.
  • Metrics/Results
  • Roadmap for how other companies can develop and build materials like MidAmerican Energy.
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