UPDATED DECEMBER 2022 FOR eChemExpo 2024

VISION: To be the #1 multidisciplinary applied innovation Expo and Conference in the process industry

MISSION: To provide the optimum environment to exhibit and present the latest manufacturing technology, hardware and software; and for accelerating implementation of improved systems, technology and best practices.

STRATEGY 1 Conduct a broad range of stakeholder interviews and surveys, with manufacturing and support entities, to determine current challenges and their most important purchasing needs for 2024 & 2025.

STRATEGY 2 UPDATED: Expand base of multidisciplinary stakeholders. We have a long history of support from the chemical, mechanical, procurement and plant engineering disciplines and more recent engagement by the electrical community in 2016, the IT disciplines in 2018, and Plastics Recycling community in 2022. Continue to build and expand participation by all these groups and add at least one additional community for 2024

STRATEGY 3 UPDATED: Increase regional and professional societies participation thru early engagement of these organizations starting twelve to eighteen months in advance (previously 6 to 12 months) and expand the geographical footprint of the targeted entities.

STRATEGY 4 Continue to evaluate and search for applied innovation entities that might be interested in co-locating a regional meeting or workshop.

STRATEGY 5 Stimulate “quantum leap” goal setting to accelerate implementation of improved systems, technology and best practices.

STRATEGY 6 NEW: Continue efforts to incorporate Safety, Environment and Sustainability breakthroughs. Consider taking on a socially relevant project(s) that will make an impact.

STRATEGY 7 NEW: Covid resulted in eChemExpo being postponed 4 times between 2020 and 2022 and had a negative impact on attendance at the April 2022 gathering. Continue to look for ways to best assure solid attendance in 2024 and restore confidence by the exhibitor community that eChemExpo will be a value added investment in the years ahead.

STRATEGY 8 NEW: Continue efforts to transition eChemExpo to a new owner (i.e, via Acquisition, Consortium, or TBD) who will assure that the value that eChemExpo provides to the local community will continue in the decades ahead. /p>

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