Technology to Transform the Everyday
Total Solutions
Weaving the industrial data fabric
Real time insights translated into immediate action
The reality of reducing energy consumption with heat transfer solutions.
Busting the canned motor pump myth
Canned pumps are smaller, faster, and more efficient.
A veritable revolution in operations is underway as tablets, smartphones and wearables have proliferated in the process industry. Specialized products produced by leading vendors meeting new high-tech demands will come into focus at the 2020 eChemExpo. The following articles provide insights and a window into how top innovators will use the conference and exhibit floor to demonstrate ways to safely accelerate innovation, improve agility and increase productivity for sustainable business growth.

2024 Innovation Insights

Technology to Transform the Everyday

Welcome to the industrial metaverse. It’s a virtual world almost impossible to distinguish from the real world, an immersive space where people and AI can collaborate in real time to solve real-world problems.

Total Solutions

Koch Engineered Solutions supports customers with total solutions, not just products.

When you walk into the Koch Engineered Solutions booth, they’re not going to sell you a product. “We ask what they are trying to accomplish,”…

Weaving the industrial data fabric

AVEVA’s secure industrial cloud platform and applications enable businesses to harness the power of their information and improve collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners. Over 20,000 enterprises around the world rely on AVEVA…

Real time insights translated into immediate action.

The Internet of Things has become the new frontier for mankind. Supported by software like AI and machine learning, it thrives on data. If a door jams open, does security know about it? If an A/C unit goes down, does it “phone home”?

The reality of reducing energy consumption with heat transfer solutions.

The new Centre for Flow Processing will be the focal point for integration of commercial, research and university educational activities.

Busting the canned motor pump myth

“The reason for our existence is safety through containment and reliability. We achieve this through the canned pump,” says Erik Daron, President and General Manager of Teikoku USA Inc.

2022 Expo Highlights

Gold sponsors provide insight

Nine leaders in chemical process industry solutions had a chance to speak at eChemExpo 2022 in Kingsport, Tennessee, on April 21 and provide their perspectives during a rapid-fire keynote panel.

Plastics recycling at forefront

Plastics recycling experts from around the world gathered in Kingsport, Tennessee for eChemExpo 2022 to speak on new technologies and creating a circular economy. The gathering follows…

Plastics Recycling Now, Circular Economy Sooner

Approximately 14 percent of all plastics being produced in the world are recycled, a European businessman said Thursday, April 21 at eChemExpo 2022.

Eastman CIO speaks on digitalization

Aldo Noseda, chief information officer at Eastman Chemical Company, sees four trends in digitalization for the chemical industry, including automation, analytics, the concept of reach and enhanced services. Noseda provided remarks…

Eastman VP of worldwide engineering and construction gives expo opening keynote

Innovation and optimization are the means to growth in the chemical industry, Richard Bonner said during Thursday’s April 21 opening keynote speech at eChemExpo 2022. Bonner, the Vice President…

Informative sessions open eChem Expo 2022

Attendees heard from experts on steam distribution systems, digital advances, and the dangers of vapor cloud explosions Wednesday during a trio of informative and timely opening day sessions at the eChem Expo in Kingsport, Tennessee.

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