eChemExpo was created in year 2000 and has evolved through a series of eleven gatherings mostly every other year. By many, eChemExpo is regarded as the #1 multidisciplinary applied innovation event for the process industry.

Unique in its development cycle, each time, is an intensive stakeholder interview process to define real purchasing needs for participating user companies prior to each gathering. It starts with Executive Management and then progressed throughout the organization(s). For 2018 and again for 2021, over 100 stakeholders were interviewed each time. As such, the event reinvents itself for each event; this approach creates a flow of newly identified companies based on emerging real capital purchasing needs.

Beginning April 15, 2021, eChemExpo founder, Peter Knox, in cooperation with selected stakeholder Reviewers are starting a search for entities interested in acquiring eChemExpo, In addition to a financial investment, major consideration will be given to the Aquirers envisioned approach to further develop or change eChemExpo in a way that will benefit long time participants and add value to the community of multidisciplinary stakeholders. This acquisition also includes the eChemExpo digital magazine, Applied Innovation … Powered by eChemExpo which was launched in 2016.

Current management plans to execute the upcoming October 19-20 eChemExpo event, which will be the 11th gathering since year 2000. Ideally, the new Aquirer can be at that event, announced during the Keynote address, and the transition process can be well underway beforehand.


April 12-19, 2021 – Begin process of identifying a short list of potential Acquirers.
August 2, 2021 – Target date for “Expressions of Interest” from potential Acquirers. Those interested will receive RFP guidelines for making a more specific proposal by September 1, 2021.
September 1 – Due date for Proposals
September 10 to 20 – Interviews to be conducted
September 27 – If possible, make a selection and finalize agreement 
October 20 – Announce results during Keynote address at eChemExpo 2021

Note: Depending on the acceptability of proposals, eChemExpo management and the Review Team may or may not make a selection at this time.



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Applied Innovation … Powered by eChemExpo (launched in 2016) 

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