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eChem Expo launched APPLIED INNOVATION digital magazine in 2016 with the goal of capturing innovation insights from leading companies and expo highlights of what occurred during the event. These goals were accomplished for eChemExpo 2018.

For 2018, eleven stories were written about participating companies leading into the April 5 2018 gathering and six stories captured innovation insights from what occurred at the event. The six post-event highlights stories are titled:

Research-Based Exposition Draws Legions of New Attendees
Keynote Speaker Explores the Meaning of eChem Theme
Keynote Speakers Describe Digital Transformation and Much More
Rapid-Fire Panel Delivers Product Insights
Industry 4.0 is Revolutionizing Decision Making in Plants
How Plants Can Help Workers Cope with Change

Take a look at these stories and the eleven feature stories about participating exhibitors at APPLIED INNOVATION.

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