Applied Innovation Magazine Captures Innovation Insights

eChem Expo launched APPLIED INNOVATION digital magazine in 2016 with the goal of capturing innovation insights from leading companies and expo highlights of what occurred during the event. These goals were accomplished for eChemExpo 2018.

For 2018, eleven stories were written about participating companies leading into the April 5 2018 gathering and six stories captured innovation insights from what occurred at the event. The six post-event highlights stories are titled:

Research-Based Exposition Draws Legions of New Attendees
Keynote Speaker Explores the Meaning of eChem Theme
Keynote Speakers Describe Digital Transformation and Much More
Rapid-Fire Panel Delivers Product Insights
Industry 4.0 is Revolutionizing Decision Making in Plants
How Plants Can Help Workers Cope with Change

Take a look at these stories and the eleven feature stories about participating exhibitors at APPLIED INNOVATION.

Market Research-Based Exposition Draws Legions Of New Attendees

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – The 10th edition of the eChem Expo attracted 1,340 registrants and more than 200 exhibitors to the Meadowview Conference Resort and Convention Center in Kingsport TN on April 5, 2018, continuing an 18-year tradition for the biennial conference and exhibition.

Executives and employees from Eastman Chemical Co. – a global specialty chemical company with corporate headquarters and one of the world’s largest chemical plants here – were well-represented among the hundreds of engineers who earned Professional Development Hours (PDHs) at the event’s 60 accredited seminars and four featured panels.

Throngs of attendees visited the show’s exhibit-floor booths to gain firsthand knowledge of products and services offered by participating venders, many of whom already have working relationships with Eastman and with other process-industry plants in the area.
eChem Expo continued to attract new attendees with some 35% first time registrants. Multidisciplinary participation also continued to expand with the information technology sector being the newest addition.

“There’s really no other gathering quite like eChem Expo,” says Peter Knox, a California-based chemical engineer who founded eChem Expo in year 2000 and works with a planning committee, mostly from Eastman Chemical Company, to develop the event. “It’s a completely market research-based expo and conference.”

In other words, eChem Expo surveys engineers and plant operators to determine what exhibitors to invite to the show and what topics to cover in the event’s seminars and panel discussions. Starting about a year before the 2018 event, Expo officials conducted more than 100 stakeholder interviews with Eastman employees to learn about their workplace hopes, concerns and expectations.

Crowds Jam 2016 Expo To Share Ideas, Experience and Expertise

A record turnout of nearly 1,500 registrants, including exhibitors, packed the Meadowview Convention Center on April 28, 2016 for the 9th eChemExpo Solutions Marketplace and Technology Innovations Conference. A combination of unequaled technical presentations and strikingly relevant vendor exhibits.

To find out what questions are crying out for answers, some 70 stakeholder interviews were conducted with potential attendees six to nine months prior to the event; 50 of them with Eastman Chemical Company and 20 split between Nuclear Fuel Services and Wacker Polysilicon. Those interviews formed the basis for keynote presentations, panel discussions and more than 50 PDH-accredited “Meet the Experts” style seminars in five concurrent tracks covering:
– mobility, safety, robotics, operator training and the future;
– plant reliability, energy efficiency and human factors;
– distillation, filtration and vacuum innovations;
– safety, environment, odor prevention and special topics; and
– capital effectiveness, plant lifecycle, modeling and simulation.

Attendee feedback surveys give high marks to the overall gathering and support for the launch of a new e-publication focused on innovations presented at eChem Expo. As such, “APPLIED INNOVATION … powered by eChem Expo” is being e-published as the inaugural Summer 2016 Edition.

In addition to reading “APPLIED INNOVATION … powered by eChem Expo”, attendees and those who missed the April 28, 2016 gathering can view the eChem “2016 Web Marketplace” where readers can easily view the websites and product innovations of most of the 200 companies who exhibited in 2016.

eChem Expo is held every two years in Kingsport, TN. Organizers have selected March 15, 2018 for the next gathering at the Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport, TN. Final date selection will be confirmed 9 months prior to the event.

Keynote Speakers Announced

Keynote speakers at this years eChem Expo on April 28 will address the gathering’s theme of “Improving Innovation, Safety and Reliability to Accelerate Manufacturing Growth” and provide capital purchasing outlooks for their organizations. The Keynote starts at 8:30 am in the Meadowview Ballroom. Keynote speakers are:

-Parker Smith, Eastman Chemical Co. vice president and general manager, worldwide manufacturing support and quality

-Thomas Kastenberger, head of engineering, Wacker Polysilicon

-Ronald Dailey, director of engineering for Nuclear Fuel Services.

The keynoters are delivering their remarks against the backdrop of eChemExpo’s challenge to exhibitors to demonstrate breakthrough or significant developments in one or more of five areas. The areas include safety and environment, a new focus for the conference and exhibit hall this year. Other areas, which the Expo has addressed in years past, are capability enhancement, capital effectiveness, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Those topics resulted from eChemExpo’s market research on the needs of attendees, as uncovered in some 50 interviews with Eastman executives, managers and technical staff along with some 20 interviews with Wacker Polysilicon and Nuclear Fuel Services executives, and staff.

The keynote event also includes brief presentations by this year’s eChemExpo Gold Sponsors. They are Aetos/Mistras Group, Aveva, Bentley Systems, Eaton, GE-Bently Nevada, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric Process Automation and Teikoku USA.

A summary of Silver Sponsors’ exhibits and the subjects of their seminars will round out the keynote presentation. They include aeSolutions, AMACS Process Tower Internals, Applied Industrial Technologies, BIAR Sampling Systems, Day & Zimmerman, Emerson Process Management, Lauren E&C, MYNAH Technologies, Ultra-Safe and Voovio.

eChemExpo announces the 2016 Gold and Silver Sponsor Leaders

eChemExpo will return to Meadowview April 28, 2016 with over 150 technology provider exhibits and over 40 seminars to showcase latest innovations. The theme is “Improving Innovation, Safety & Reliability to Accelerate Manufacturing Growth”.

We are please to announce the following Gold Sponsors for 2016: Teikoku USA, Johnson Controls, Bentley Systems, Intergraph, Schneider Electric Process Automation, GE-Bently Nevada, Siemens and Aetos Group. The Silver Sponsor leadership lineup includes Emerson Process Management, Voovio, aeSolutions, and UltraSafe.

The eChemExpo Gold and Silver Sponsors are companies that have a leadership profile for the theme and focus areas of the upcoming event. Seminars will be provided by all of these companies plus many, many more.

eChemExpo market research predicts a robust capital purchasing environment for 2014 and 2015

Market research over the past four months predict a robust capital purchasing environment for 2014 and 2015. Eastman Chemical Company, for example, is projecting well over $1.0 billion in capital purchasing for 2014 and 2015. Stakeholder interviews were conducted with executives and technical managers throughout Eastman, BAE Systems Holston Plant, Nuclear Fuel Services and Wacker Polysilicon. A Market Outlook Summary will soon be posted to

The next eChemExpo event will be held in Kingsport TN on May 1, 2014. The exhibitor invitation process will begin on October 18, 2013. The 2014 theme is “Accelerate Expansion and Improvements in Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities” with exhibitors challenged to demonstrate breakthrough developments in one or more of the following areas:
• Rapid execution
• Capital effectiveness
• Capability enhancement
• Energy efficiency
• Sustainable development

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