Moderator: Holli Alexander, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Circularity, Eastman


Tathagata Basu, Global Head – Refining & Downstream, Honeywell
Dr. Erik Volkerink, CEO and Co-Founder, Trackonomy
Dr. Peter Miller, Vice President, Process Development & Circular Solutions, Eastman

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance.  These three letters are used by the investment community to assess a company’s sustainability performance.  Some studies suggest that companies with high ESG scores outperform their lower-scoring peers.  Some analysts simply see ESG as a key mechanism to manage risk in an investment.  With increased pressure on companies to reduce their impact on the environment and on people, it’s critical to understand ESG drivers and begin to imagine how to revolutionize manufacturing to address them.

During this session, hear from three experts sharing key efforts from their organizations to help industry transform and meet ESG requirements, with a strong focus on environment.

Learning Objectives
Particpants Will:

  1. Learn about the global challenges that are part of ESG performance
  2. Gain insights from three leaders in their efforts to improve ESG performance
  3. Understand challenges associated environmental impact for heavy industry with significant capital costs and existing assets
  4. Acknowledge that innovative manufacturing will be essential to do things differently in the future

Run of Show:

Time What Who
5 minutes Welcome and Speaker Introductions Holli Alexander
10 minutes Honeywell presentation Tathagata Basu
10 minutes Eastman presentation Peter Miller
10 minutes Trackonomy presentation Erik Volkerink
15 minutes Moderated Q/A Holli Alexander
15 minutes Open Q/A from Audience Holli Alexander
5 minutes Final thoughts question Holli Alexander
  • What are the global problems that need to be addressed? How did your organization determine where to focus priority? And, how is your company addressing these issues?
  • How does strong management of ESG help mitigate risk for a company?
  • Challenges to innovation/evolution?
  • What makes today so different than manufacturing 20 years ago? 30 years ago?
  • Follow up questions on decarbonization/circularity (based on presentations)
  • What’s been critical for success?
  • What do you see coming in the next year? Five years?
  • What advice would you have for someone striving to create change
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