TRACK 9 – Special Topics

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Aldo Noseda, Vice President & Chief Information Office
NEastman CIO, Aldo Noseda, will share with the audience the approach taken to digitally accelerate the company. He will focus on both capabilities and leadership as the necessary combination for success, providing insights on how Eastman advanced in both dimensions as the ultimate path to business value.


What attendees will learn
The foundation needed to successfully transform a 100-year old legacy chemical manufacturer into a digital leader. If your team has struggled with embracing digital or you can’t get traction in areas like analytics and automation, this talk will help you reframe the conversation internally and provide insight on how to move digital up the priority list.

Jared Hartness, Sr. Solution Architect, CMRP

Over the last decade plant operators have made important investments in technology to drive discrete improvements in their asset management practices. Unfortunately, many firms struggle to leverage these components as part of their holistic maintenance and reliability program. Join GE Digital to learn how we’re helping organizations take advantage of their existing investments through an integrated Asset Performance Management approach that enables people, work process and technology to work in harmony.

What attendees will learn

  1. Why we do what we do – reliability’s role in the organization
  2. What’s it worth? Tangible ROI from APM Implementations
  3. How to leverage your existing investments but unlock the value of it all working together
  4. Accelerators: Leveraging GE Digital’s expertise and Digital Twin asset libraries for quick wins

Phillip Lange, Technical Sales Manager
Performing blast tests is a critical component of putting a blast-resistant building to market, but many companies skip this important step. This presentation will shed light on why field testing is important, even when mathematical models suggest a design hits the mark. The presenter will examine the data from the RedGuard blast test, conducted in 2020 by independent third-party engineers. The test used an explosive charge of 6000 pounds of ANFO and recorded 37 channels of data. It will delve into the set-up and testing goals for the live field test, as well as analyze structural response, sliding and anchor response, foundation response and human response. Participants will leave with an understanding of how a proper blast test is conducted and understand why third-party testing is imperative to protect the lives of those who work in hazardous areas.

What attendees will learn

  1. Set-up and testing goals for live blast
  2. Structural response of blast resistant buildings, post-blast test
  3. Sliding and anchor response of blast-resistant buildings, post-blast test
  4. Foundation response, post-blast test
  5. Human response for blast-resistant module occupants

Jon Cox, Principal Analytics Engineer
Browser-based advanced analytics software applications like Seeq fill the gaps left by spreadsheet-based calculation and reporting tools. Advanced analytics applications provide out-of-the box connectors to process data historians and SQL-based contextual databases—making process, maintenance, quality, and other data available in a single application.

The combination of condition-based contextualization tools and asset integration enables rapid iteration of data analyses and scaling across assets. Periods of interest can be identified quickly, with process performance metrics calculated based on those periods and notifications triggered based on complex analytics.

A set-it and forget-it dashboarding and reporting tool with a live connection to the underlying data saves engineers significant time, which was previously spent updating and formatting reports. Scheduled report configuration ensures high horsepower calculations are run at optimal times. Built-in analytics functionality enables a wide spectrum of unit as well as enterprise level manufacturing reports: production, reliability, sustainability, etc.

What attendees will learn
Attendees will learn examples of the following advanced data analytics workflows and use cases:

  1. Adding context to raw data to focus calculations on time periods of interest
  2. Scaling and monitoring calculations across similar assets
  3. Developing auto updating dashboards and reports
  4. use cases: production, reliability, sustainability

Ian Willetts, Vice President, Process Simulation, AVEVA
Multiple workers must complete similar tasks on a daily basis on their jobs, so how do you make sure that everyone uses the same procedure and best method consistently? How do you eliminate the risk of two employees receiving different instructions when we all have our own way of doing things?

Standardizing training at an enterprise level can ensure consistent quality across the organization and avoid divergent practices at similar facilities. Staff in one location should be trained on the same material and in the same way as staff in another location, especially regarding matters of company procedures and best practices.

This presentation will showcase how simulators and XR technology can be integrated as part of a comprehensive unified learning framework to standardize knowledge and improve performance. Hardware and software requirements were a barrier in the past, but today even the most complex training programs can be centrally developed and deployed using cloud technology.

What attendees will learn:

  • How to improve safety and operational performance at an enterprise level
  • How to meet operational excellence goals through training
  • What technologies are being used today to effectively train workers and sustain results
  • How to create worker engagement and retain talent

Francis Montemurro, Director of Operations & Christian McDermott, North America Coordinator

Taking a deep dive into three customer case studies, you will learn how a knowledge automation platform can make operator qualification more efficient and effective. We will cover both chemical and refining companies, where each has taken a slightly different approach to meet their needs

What attendees will learn:

  • How you can speed up learning and qualification for procedures
  • How to track and measure competency in procedures
  • How knowledge automation applies to both production units and loading/unloading operations
  • How to capture tribal knowledge related to equipment and procedures in a meaningful way

Christian Salazar, Global Product Marketing Lead

Industrial organizations are propelling towards a digital future with possibilities for optimization andnew business models, a skilled and agile workforce should be at the forefront to drive this change.Every worker in the plant should be well equipped to solve mission critical problems in real-time, usedigital technology, and work with data-driven insights to reduce losses and increase operationalefficiency. In this session, Honeywell takes a broad view, highlighting the importance of digitaltechnologies like Digital Twin, AI, VR and how can you make them work to create a connected workerstrategy that will empower each and every worker running your operations

What attendees will learn:
Join this session to hear about:

  • How Honeywell digital tools, solutions can help reduce skill gaps, enhance worker performance, and meet operational goals.
  • Detailed overview of the end – to – end program and how it can equip you to create a resilient workforce for the future
  • Customer use cases and benefits

Jose Roberto Manzano, General Manager CIS NA

When it comes to plant operation, something going wrong can quickly lead to safety incidents, personal injuries, and ultimately large financial losses. Studies have proven the effectiveness of virtual immersive trainings, allowing operators to respond quickly and reliably in emergency situations. In this presentation, we describe the different uses of a 3D virtual reality software in process industries projects, the necessary steps to implement it and examples from benefits achieved by customers with different set ups.

What attendees will learn:

  • How visualization and rendering of massive 3D process plant models can enable immersive training
  • How 3D Stereo and Virtual Reality hardware provides an intuitive and game-like user experience
  • How other sources of information can be visualized on top of the model to provide additional context
  • The benefits of visualizing real-time and historian DCS data alongside the model data
  • How to reuse and maintain CAD and reality captured models
  • How to easily create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and HSE scenarios for multi-user trainings
  • How a multi-user environment incorporates the process dynamics and the control rooms operators

Carlos Monreal, Founder and CEO

As production of plastics increase to more than 1 million tonnes per day, we face a growing plastic challenge that must be managed. Today, less than 14% of plastics that we use are recycled, and morethan 8 million tonnes of plastics are leaking into our oceans and our environment each year. Plastic Energy provides a solution to this problem and is paving the way as a world leader in the advanced recycling of end-of-life plastics. Plastic Energy uses its patented thermal anaerobic conversion process to transform plastic waste that is difficult or unable to be mechanically recycled. Recycled oils from its process (called TACOIL) are used as a replacement for fossil oils in the production of virgin-quality food-grade plastics. With operational plants in Spain, projects under construction in France and the Netherlands, and new projects in the US and Asia, Plastic Energy is leading efforts towards a global circular economy.

What attendees will learn:

  • How advanced recycling provides a solution for plastic waste
  • About Plastic Energy’s unique and patented technology and process
  • Value-chain collaborations and commercialisation on the market
  • Expansion of global recycling projects amongst changing policy regulations
  • Plastic Energy’s action for sustainability
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