Technology Innovations Conference

For 2020, the program schedule has been changed from previous years to allow more “Expo Only” time on the main Expo Day (Thursday, April 16) with over one third of the seminars to be held on the afternoon of the day before, Wednesday, April 15.  The Expo runs all day, Thursday, from 9:45 am until 4:30 pm. 

We have room for up to 27 seminars in three concurrent tracks on Wednesday and up to 41 seminars in 5 concurrent tracks on Thursday.  All Gold & Silver Sponsor Innovation Leader seminars are scheduled for Thursday. 

In the past, all eChemExpo seminars have been Professional Development Hour (PDH) accredited thanks to the local AIChE. We expect this to be the same for 2020 and will confirm the status by February 15.  We expect to deliver a program where attendees can earn up to 9 or 10 hours of PDH over both days. But check back February 15 and March 1 for confirmation.

A preliminary schedule is provided below for each day.  The actual time slots shown now may be changed so check back periodically for updates. Seminar titles are provided in the schedule below. Seminar abstracts and speaker information will be posted by February 15 along with more information on the listed Feature Panels. 

Wednesday April 15
Pre-Expo Day Seminars

11:15amRegistration opens in Foyer Area
Track 1 – Equipment and Instrumentation
Track 2 – Process, Mechanical, Safety, Environment
Track 3 – Optimization, Digital, Mobility, Safety
Track 1Track 2Track 3
12:00pm – 12:25pm
Lunchbox Seminars
WEJ Associates BiazziTLV Corporation
12:30pm – 12:55pmBeamexRTV Process EquipmentSiemens
1:00pm – 1:25pmEndress + HauserAtlas Industrial Manufacturing CompanyEmerson/Mynah
1:30pm – 1:55pmIntegrated Power ServicesNobleCladUnited Electric Controls
break (15 min)
2:15pm – 2:40pmLEC GlobalAnquil Environmental ServicesAVEVA
2:45pm – 3:10pmAcuren InspectionKimreExloc
3:15pm – 3:40pmSpecacTBAKCI Technologies
3:45pm – 4:10pmTBATBATBA
4:15pm – 4:40pmTBATBATBA

Expo Day, Keynote, and Seminars

The Expo is open today only, between 9:45am – 4:30pm. We are expecting over 200 Solution Providers – don’t forget to check out their booths during this time!

7:15amRegistration opens in Foyer Area
Richard Bonner, VP of Worldwide Engineering & Construction, Eastman Chemical Company
Supplier Perspectives12 Gold Sponsor Innovation Leaders
9:20am – 9:45amFeatured session:  The Future of Digitalization in the Chemical Industry
Aldo Noseda, VP & CIO, Eastman Chemical Company
9:45amEXPOSITION OPENS   (Expecting over 200 Solution Providers) 
Track 4 – Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies
Track 5 – Safety, Sustainability, Mobility, Environment
Track 6 – Engineering, Construction, Life Cycle Optimization
Track 7 – Process, Mechanical, Modeling
Track 8 – Operational Excellence, Safety, Cyber-security 
9:45am – 10:00am Expo Only Networking
Track 4Track 5Track 6Track 7Track 8
10:00am – 10:25amRockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricConstruct-XKoch-GlitschHexagon
10:30am – 10:55amAutomation AnywhereEatonAVEVAPSEMicrosoft
11:00am – 12:00pm Expo Only Networking
Track 4Track 5Track 6Track 7Track 8
12:00pm – 12:25pm
Lunchbox Seminars
12:30pm – 12:55pmSAPSchneider ElectricATRTLV CorpSeimens
1:00pm – 1:25pmRoviSysEatonAVEVADurr-MegtecAutomation Anywhere
1:30pm – 2:25pmFeature Panel:  Accelerating the Speed & Quality of Decision Making with Digital Transformation  (Track 4) 
Track 4Track 5Track 6Track 7Track 8
1:30pm – 2:55pmPanelBartecTBAJohn CraneRockwell Automation
2:00pm – 2:25pmPanel (cont)Pepperl+FuchsConstruct-XPaget EquipmentMicrosoft
1:00pm – 1:25pmRoviSysEatonAVEVADurr-MegtecAutomation Anywhere
2:30pm – 3:15pmExpo Only Networking
3:15pm – 4:10pmFeature Session: Rapid Fire Panel: Making Sustainability a Reality  (Track 5)
Track 4Track 5Track 6Track 7Track 8
3:15pm – 4:10pmTBAPanelHexagonEkatoTBA
3:45pm – 4:10pmTBAPanel (cont)TBATBATeikoku USA
4:0pm – 4:30pmDrawing & Final Expo Networking
4:30pmExpo Closes
4:35pm – 5:00pmWrap up: 100 Years of Innovation – What Next by 2025? (track 4)


Following is a preliminary listing of seminar titles for each of the three tracks
These listings are tentative.    Check back periodically for updates
Abstracts and speaker information will be added by February 15

Track 1 – Equipment and Instrumentation 

  1. WEJ Associates:  A new approach to shorten turnaround times (LUNCHBOX SEMINAR) 
  2. Beamex: The impact of efficient calibration during shutdowns
  3. Endress + Hauser: Flexible proof testing of safety equipment in SIS – but safe!
  4. Integrated Power Services: Most common mechanisms and reasons for electric motor failures in petrochemical industry
  5. LEC Global: Lightning protection, grounding and surge protection
  6. Acuren Inspection:  Rope access (RAIS 2019) 
  7. Specac: Pilot plant operation with the speed of light: On-line FT-NIR spectroscopy with Specac
  8. TBA
  9. TBA

Track 2 – Process, Mechanical, Safety, Environment

  1. Biazzi:  Scale up your success for batch or continuous processes (LUNCHBOX SEMINSR) 
  2. RVT Process Equipment:   The route to high capacity in separations technology
  3. Atlas Industrial Manufacturing Company: Heat exchanger design
  4. NobleClad: CAPEX reduction for CPI equipment by use of explosion cladding
  5. Anquil Environmental Services: Destroying inert and dilute emission streams in a single abatement device
  6. Kimre:  Mist elimination: Last line of defense
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA

Track 3 – Optimization, Digital, Mobility, Safety 

  1. TLV Corporation: Optimize Steam Process Equipment (LUNCHBOX SEMINAR)
  2. Siemens: The digital transformation has begun… Don’t get caught napping, start “apping”
  3. Emerson/Mynah: Digital twin: A key technology for digital transformation
  4. United Electric Controls: Increasing gas detection needs wireless, saving time and costs
  5. AVEVA: The digital transformation of work enabled by mobile and work flow extensions
  6. Exloc: Intrinsically safe mobile devices and wireless connectivity for harsh environments
  7. KCI Technologies: 3D BIM for Facilities Management and Virtual Engineering
  8. TBA
  9. TBA

THURSDAY SEMINAR TITLES (Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8) 

All Thursday seminars are given by Gold or Silver Innovation Leaders
Abstracts and speaker information will also be added by February 15 

Track 4 – Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies

  1. Rockwell Automation: Digital transformation: Realizing operational benefits and mitigating compliance risks
  2. Automation Anywhere:  Digital workforce – An automation platform for a versatile, fast, low risk transformation that delivers value
  4. SAP: TBA
  5. RoviSys: Setting a vision for digitalization success
  6. Panel: Accelerating the speed & quality of decision making with digital transformation
  7. Panel (cont)
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
  10. Wrap-up session: 100 Years of Innovation – What Next by 2025?

Track 5 – Safety, Sustainability, Mobility, Environment

  1. Schneider-Electric: Balancing safety and performance
  2. Eaton: No production without the assurance of safety”- A case study
  4. Schneider-Electric: Automated safety instrumented system validation and testing
  5. Eaton: Changes to IEEE 1584-2018 and how they affect arc flash studies
  6. Bartec: TBA
  7. Pepperl+Fuchs: ‘Connected Reality’ and the mobile worker
  8. Feature Session: Rapid fire panel on making sustainability a reality
  9. Feature Session (cont)

Track 6 – Engineering, Construction, Life Cycle Optimization

  1. Construct-X: The future of data integration
  2. AVEVA: How to create a digitalization strategy to optimize the value chain
  3. ATR: Digital procedures – Part 1: The connected worker – benefits and ROI (LUNCHBOX SEMINAR)
  4. ATR: Digital procedures – Part 2: Developing a sustainable program for operational excellence
  5. AVEVA: Unified learning:  An essential component of any operational excellence strategy
  6. Ekato: Optimization and upgrades
  7. Construct-X: Making AWP scalable: The client perspective on optimization
  8. Hexagon: Advance Work Packaging (AWP) during project execution
  9. TBA

Track 7 – Process, Mechanical, Modeling

  1. Koch-Glitsch: TBA
  2. PSE: Digital design, digital operations: the central role of deep process knowledge in a digital world
  3. TLV Corporation: Case study of steam hammer event in an ethylene plant (LUNCHBOX SEMINAR)
  4. TLV Corporation: Tracing the causes of heat maintenance issues (LUNCHBOX SEMINAR)
  5. Durr-Megtec: TBA
  6. John Crane: Computational fluid dynamics – non Newtonian fluid
  7. Paget Equipment: Optimize the fabrication process – Understand your custom fabricators process and optimize your results
  8. Ekato: Optimization and upgrades
  9. TBA

Track 8 – Operational Excellence, Safety, Cyber-security

  1. Hexagon: Straight forward digitizatiion of plant operations allows for quick time to value
  2. Microsoft: The connected factory
  4. Siemens: Welcome to the future of process control: Innovations in plant automation
  5. Automation Anywhere: Eastman’s automation journey 
  6. Rockwell Automation: How digital technologies improve asset performance and human capital effectiveness
  7. Microsoft: The Microsoft story in manufacturing
  8. TBA
  9. Teikoku USA: TBA