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Brian Moura, Global Manager – Operations & Maintenance Customer Segment & Portfolio, Hexagon

Companies often rely on a mix of different technologies to manage Plant Operations including commercial software, home-grown applications, spreadsheets and even paper. Managing and maintaining these technologies in a cohesive work process is difficult. Companies need their technologies integrated and different roles need to work seamlessly and collaboratively.

In this session attendees will be introduced to the Hexagon j5 Operations Management System (OMS) which allows companies to combine numerous previously separate business process such as Operations Logbook, Shift Handover, Acknowledgements, Escalations, Permit to Work, and Mobile Operator Rounds into a single, integrated application suite that is as easily to configure as a spreadsheet.

What attendees will learn:

  • Why the j5 OMS provides quick-time-to-value using out-of-box features
  • How easy it is to modify the system using an intuitive spreadsheet-like configuration tool
  • How the j5 OMS facilitates the digitization of numerous, typically stand-alone business processes usually managed today using spreadsheets
  • Mobility can mean near real-time collaboration between inside desktop and outside mobile users

Alejandro Dutto, ICS/OT Business Director, Tenable
Whether you are in the IT or OT side of the house and whether your organization is well down the convergence patch or have just started, the seemingly separate worlds are coming together. In this session we’ll be sure you are prepared. Join us for this exciting session that will review the top 5 things you need to know to keep your organization secured and protected against cyber exposure and risk.

What attendees will learn:

  • The top challenges you are likely to see
  • The potential threats/vulnerabilities that often happen
  • Actionable intelligence that can help your organization stay safe.

Chatanya (Chatty) Sakhalkar, National Sales Manager, Teikoku USA Inc.
With increasing requirements for operator safety, process monitoring and owner risk management, liquid cooled canned motor pumps are being considered to upgrade older, maintenance intensive pump installations as part of Process Safety Management (PSM) upgrade projects. As canned motor pumps are liquid cooled, their application in upgrading projects require consideration of certain process and fluid variables that may not have been considered in the specification of the original pumps being operated and maintained. This seminar will detail a list of mechanical, electrical, pump performance, liquid and process elements that should be considered in such upgrade projects.

What attendees will learn:

Attendees will learn the reasons behind application considerations for upgrading rooted in canned motor pump technology in hydraulic and electrical designs that are specific to canned motor pumps enabling an upgrade project scope that maximizes the technology benefits of such projects.

Doug Ortiz, DCS Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc.
The process industry is a highly complex environment that faces always evolving challenges. Engineering resources are spread across the country or globe but still need to work together efficiently. A new generation is entering the workforce and needs training on plant operation. Increasingly competitive environments require optimized engineering workflows to reduce a product’s time to market. The list goes on… This presentation will discuss the impacts these market trends are having on control system requirements and will explain the latest innovations being implemented in distributed control systems to help engineers and operators keep up with the changing demands. Find out how distributed control systems will be equipped to help users in the chemical industry address the plant requirements of today and also of the future.

What attendees will learn:

  • How web technology is leveraged in the distributed control system (DCS) to provide better flexibility and mobility in plant operation
  • Why central data management streamlines engineering workflows to reduce the time and cost of implementing a DCS solution
  • What role the DCS plays in creating the digital twin of a plant
  • How cyber security measures are evolving to keep up with the latest innovations in automation

Topic and speaker to be announced

Ramon Farach, Global Chemical Industry Technical Consultant, Rockwell Automation
As plants age and consolidation across the industry brings together a variety of control systems and technology under one organization, chemical companies are forced to look at the safety and efficiency of their operations in terms of unit performance and a challenging workforce environment. The adoption of technology can have a big impact improving asset utilization, solving human capital challenges and reducing safety risks. This seminar will provide insights into the specific technologies that currently exist to help chemical producers, as well as share examples of how other industries are solving similar problems through the adoption of a solid digital foundation.

What attendees will learn:

  • A unified, comprehensive digital foundation is a must
  • The importance of designing for scalability.
  • How predictive and prescriptive analytics are improving asset utilization
  • Insights into how companies are successfully deploying technology

James Hoffman, Regional Business Manager, Teikoku USA Inc.
Liquid-cooled, centrifugal canned motor pumps offer a unique set of design operating variables that are specific to this pumping technology’s design redundancies for layered containment of the liquids being pumped. Operating variables in either the primary or secondary containment elements of these dual containment, leakproof pumps offer users a myriad of monitoring capabilities that can serve in dual functions of both immediate alarms regarding process upsets that might damage the pumps if not immediately addressed as well as collecting data in normal operations that can be used to establish preventative maintenance schedules based on actual operating experience. Such data can also be utilized to feed broader user process improvement projects for lower cost of operations, enhanced safety and mitigation of risk, especially for treatment of volatile liquids.

What attendees will learn:

Attendees will learn about numerous variables that can be instrumented, alarmed and / or monitored in sealless, canned motor pumps against third party industry standards governing same.

Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Technical Consultant and Certified SIRI Assessor

Most manufacturers, today, are well aware of the immense benefits and opportunities that Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 offer. However, many managers are unsure where to start. Many also do not know exactly how to measure success and ensure the project stays on-track. According to a McKinsey survey, companies also pointed out that the lack of a clear vision, strategy, and a systematic roadmap were the biggest challenges hindering Industry 4.0 adoption.
Presented by a Certified Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessor, this session will describe a methodology that specifically addresses those challenges. According to the World Economic Forum, “The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) was created in partnership with a network of leading technology companies, consultancy firms, and industry and academic experts. SIRI comprises a suite of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys.” The metrics cover a broad range of aspects ranging from operational excellence to cybersecurity.

What attendees will learn:

  • Quantitative benchmarks for development of Industry 4.0 roadmaps
  • The three assessment methodology fundamental building blocks
  • The eight pillars representing critical focus areas
  • The ten cost categories and 14 KPI categories
  • An example of assessment results and recommendations
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