To Attend

Registration to attend the October 6 & 7, 2020 conference and expo will open by June 20. Please sign up for our newsletter for a reminder.

All attendees, including exhibitors, must register in advance so a badge will be ready for you on arrival and save you time. 

For 2020, the program schedule has been changed from previous years to allow:

  • More “Expo only” time on the main Expo Day (Wednesday, October 7) by moving more than one third of the estimated 65 seminars to the afternoon of the day before, Tuesday, October 6.
  • As such, pre-Expo Day seminars run from noon until 4:45 pm in three tracks
  • The Wednesday Expo runs all day from 9:45 am until 4:30 pm with the keynote at 8:00 am and a five track seminar program that starts at 10 am. 

If you plan to attend parts of the conference, please take a quick look at the conference schedule to help in completing this registration. If you are an exhibitor, it is very helpful if you enter your booth space number.