Building community, breakthrough cover stories and compelling editorial
… the legacy continues with custom publishing

Compelling editorial, breakthrough cover stories and provocative news are part of the legacy of Peter J. Knox as former editor-in-chief and associate publisher of Chemical Processing (CP) magazine. The Knox focus on relevance and industry dialogue continue as the cornerstone of the Knox Publishing Company. “Building community” through custom publishing, best practices development, and are primary focus areas of this enterprise.

Take a look at these representative editorial and publishing projects of Peter J. Knox and download those of interest:

Cover Stories

e-Commerce & the Virtual Chemical Company February 2000
Walls of brick and mortar are tumbling down as e-commerce creates virtual chemical companies. Virtual what? Virtual companies are communities of conventional businesses that cooperate in ever-shifting alliances. Turn to this must read article for the road immediately ahead!

The Integrated Chemical Enterprise… forging the link between business and process December 1999
How will chemical companies recoup the $25 billion a year they’ve been spending on ERP? Will integration of business and process systems bring quantum improvement in operating performance? This in-depth examination of trends emerging at the business-plant interface includes a crystal ball on the future of work including social and cultural impacts.

Eco-Efficiency: Hype or the Future? February 1999
Imagine making more goods from fewer resources and throwing virtually nothing away. That’s not just some utopian dream – it’s part of the 10-year plan at a leading chemical company, and it’s probably the future of the chemical industry at large. This bold call for action demands quantum leap improvements in both environmental and economic performance. It predicts the future of the chemical industry is at stake.

Outlook 2000… CP readers see bright future for their plants January 2000
The economy will keep buzzing along this year, but top management could cause lots to go awry at chemical plants, according to this survey of chemical plant employees. This optimistic yet skeptical outlook examines what’s ahead in the economy and the workplace; expected pay increases this year; and a view of how industry leaders are preparing for the future. Check out surprises from readers in the plants.

CP’s top 50 companies… is bigger better? August 1999
What economic drivers will propel chemical company performance in 1999 and 2000? Will emerging trends transform the chemical landscape in the next few years? This dissection of the top 50 US based chemical companies provides insights that will be useful for years to come. Is “bigger” really better? Read further and find out.

Industry Leaders’ Roundtable June 1999
Provocative and poignant – that was the mood when the business and technical leaders on Chemical Processing magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board convened to pinpoint the trends and opportunities shaping the chemical industry.

Making Teams Work May 1999
This groundbreaking study pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of cross-functional teams in the chemical industry. Based on a survey of 1000 chemical plant employees, this assessment shows where team-based decision making has failed and where it has succeeded. Look further to solve the puzzle of when and where to use cross-functional teams in your plant. (Knox with Hrickiewicz)

Second Thoughts About Life Sciences? March 2000
Wall Street’s fascination with life sciences companies has dimmed as consumer resistance in Europe has spread to the United States. Meanwhile, is DuPont trading oil for grain? Will Dow be profitable with “natural plastic” from wheat and corn instead of petroleum? Stay tuned for Act II where innovation, speed and focus will determine the next round of winners.

Custom Projects

Take a look at several examples from this 32 page Microsoft and Partners custom publishing project produced in January 2000 at Putman Publishing Company:

An Era Begins
Example feature story (by PWC)


Plant operator of the near future February 2000
Information technology is transforming the chemical industry and its employees

Are plants missing CMA message? January 2000
Only 55% have heard of new enhancements to Responsible Care (r) campaign

Seize the future or step aside December 1999
and look to CP for the industry’s best assessments of what to expect

New life for life – cycle costing November 1999
information technology could bring life-cycle thinking back into vogue

E&C firms need differentiation October 1999
field becomes commodity business, experts say, by failing to keep pace

Real effort to gain public trust September 1999
basic research and global collaboration could mark beginning of new era

Industry reaches for next level August 1999
e-business has only begun to change the way companies operate

Is ‘right-to-know’ enough? July 1999
public scrutiny of chemical plants intensifies with RMP worst-case scenarios

Stronger Responsible Care June 1999
The CMA is embracing zero discharge and public reporting

Expert sees no U.S. recession May 1999
Europe can keep growing, Asian recovery ahead, more woes for Japan

Is the industry getting safer? April 1999
it doesn’t seem that way after a recent spate of accident

Marginal or mainstream thinking? March 1999
Sustainable development principles and eco-efficiency gaining momentum

Eyes on Europe February 1999
on the verge of unity, the continent adopts the Euro and plunges into cooperative planning

Creating value in a new millennium October 1998
and winning a public franchise based on health, the environment and sustainable growth

The future of the chemical industry September 1998
and of Chemical Processing magazine

Emerging particle technologies August 1998
new tools and a new horizon

View from the top June 1998

Pump Symposium gets high marks April 1998

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