11:00 – 11:55 am
Meadowview Ballroom

Moderator: Georgia Niccum, Group Leader, Asset Integrity, Eastman Chemical Company

Discussion with four seasoned industry pioneers on best practices, industry trends and what to expect in the coming years ahead. Georgia will weave together a conversation with panelists based on abstract topics submitted by them listed below:

Asset Integrity Programs Implications

Dave Long, Director of Asset Advisory, Worley Consulting

Best Practices for Plant Buildings: Protecting your People and Critical Equipment

Thomas Mander, Principal Engineer & Manager, BakerRisk

Mechanical Integrity: Optimizing Life Cycle Cost of Ownership

Steve Burkle, Senior Reliability Engineer, Tormond / Hargrove

 Changing the Fluid Dynamics to Reduce Fouling

Martin Gough, Founder & Managing Director, CalGavin

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