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8:30 am Keynote: Improving Innovation, Safety and Plant Reliability to Accelerate Manufacturing Growth A/B
10:00 am Exhibit Hall Opens
10:15 am Voovio: How “Enhanced Reality” Technology Reduces Operational Risk and Errors 1
Henkel Corporation: Improved Reliability Using Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coatings 2
Koch-Glitsch: Distillation – An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks! 3
Teikoku USA: Underwriting of Liquid Cooled Motors for Hazardous Area Locations and Electrical Safety 4
AVEVA: Leveraging Your Digital Asset to Improve Operational and Capital Efficiency 5
10:45 am aeSolutions: Safety Instrumented System Design: Key Decisions to Avoid Regret Costs 1
GE Bentley Nevada: Enabling Condition Based Monitoring through Intelligent Asset Strategies – Part 1 of 2 2
AMACS-Montz: Dividing Wall Column Technology Advances 3
Project Integration: Arc Flash Hazards and NFPA 70E 4
Day & Zimmermann: Why 3D Laser Scanning Technology Will Lower Brownfield Capital Construction Costs 5
11:15 am Siemens: Reducing Human Error from Your Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to Achieve ISA 84 Compliance 1
GE Bentley Nevada: Enabling Condition Based Monitoring through Intelligent Asset Strategies – Part 2 of 2 2
Raschig: FRI Test Results and Industrial Applications for New High Capacity Raschig Mini Fixed Valve 3
CV Technology: Combustible Dust Protection in the Chemical Processing Industry 4
Emerson: Project Certainty — Reduce Cost, Complexity and Accommodate Late-stage Project Changes 5
11:45 am Schneider Electric: How to Prepare Operators for Responding to Emergencies 1
Teikoku USA: Handling Volatile and Temperature Sensitive Liquids with Leak Proof Pumps 2
Sulzer Chemtech: UFM Trays Exhibit Capacity Gains for 3 Tower Revamps 3
UltraSafe: Improving Fall Protection Safety 4
Lauren E&C: Planning for Modularization – The latest CII Best Practice 5
12:15 pm Prozess Technologie: Using Spectroscopy to “Shed Some Light” on Manufacturing Processes with Reveal 3
ErgonArmor: Integrating Civil and Architectural Design Functions Will Save Your Schedule 5
12:15 pm Panel 1: Planning for the Future of Industrial Manufacturing 1
12:30 pm Panel 2: The Future of Energy Management in Manufacturing C/D
1:00 pm Epcon Software: Innovation in Fluid Flow Simulation and Its Impact on Safety and Reliability 2
BIAR Sampling Systems: A Safer, Simpler and More Efficient Way to Sample Liquefied Gas and Related Hazardous Chemicals 3
Linde: Odor Control Using Unique Thermal Oxidizer 4
AspenTech: See How You Can Reduce Energy Demand and Operating Costs of Your Chemical and Solids Processes 5
1:30 pm Aetos Group: Revolutionizing Access & Improving Safety in Maintenance & Reliability 1
Johnson Controls: Enterprise Building Optimization – Part 1, The Technologies 2
BHS: Continuous Pressure & Vacuum Filtration Technologies 3
Odotech: Understanding the Nature of Odor for a More Effective Response 4
AVEVA/Eastman: To be announced 5
2:00 pm Siemens: Enhance Training Using 3D Visualization 1
Johnson Controls: Enterprise Building Optimization – Part 2, Workflow Management 2
DrM: Filtration Testing for Reliable Process Performance 3
Eaton: Choose ZERO! Eliminating Arc Flash Risk 4
Bentley Systems: Leveraging Intelligent Devices to Achieve Better Plant Reliability and Energy Efficiency Using Predictive Analytics 5
2:30 pm Mynah Technologies: Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation for DeltaV 1
Bilfinger Mauell Corp: Control Room Innovations & Design 2
Edwards Vacuum: Computer Modeling of Large and Distributed Vacuum Systems 3
Eaton: LED Lighting in Any Environment: Impacting Profit, Productivity, Safety and Morale 4
Bentley Systems: Asset Performance Modeling – Combining Dashboards, Digital Photos & 3D Models to Focus on What Really Matters 5
3:00 pm Aetos/Mistras: Comprehensive Asset Integrity Utilizing the Latest in Inspection & Testing Methodologies 1
NovaTech: State-Based Control 2
SIHI Pumps: SIHI”boost” – Efficiency Gains with a New Type Vacuum Booster Pump 3
SKF: Overcoming a Contaminated Environment 4
Schneider Electric: Improving Speed to Market with Simulation and Modeling Tools 5
3:30 pm Aegex: Intrinsically Safe Solutions for HazLoc in Chemical Manufacturing 1
aeSolutions: Integrating ICS Cybersecurity with Process Safety Management 2
Gardner Denver: Ejector/Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Hybrid Systems for the CPI – Saving Money and the Environment 3
Siemens: Understanding NFPA 85 & 86 2015 Revisions for Flexible, Cost-Effective Burner Management Design 4
ProSim: New innovative process engineering software tools from ProSim 5
4:15 pm Exhibit Hall Closes
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