The eChemExpo Solutions Marketplace & Technology Innovations Conference is striving to be the #1 multidisciplinary gathering, for applied innovation at the plant level, in the Americas. Our market research approach to determining real purchasing needs provides a unique value proposition for both attendees and exhibitors.

eChemExpo was launched in October 2000 by Peter Knox in conjunction with EASTMAN Chemical Company. Now in its 16th year, the 9th Solutions Marketplace Expo and 7th Technology Innovations Conference are scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 2016. A community of well over 1000 people are expected to participate, including representatives from over 150 exhibiting companies. A four track “Meet the Experts” style conference further strengthens the relevance of this important gathering. Eastman Chemical Company continues to be the anchor organization, sending over 400 participants each year since 2008. In addition to Eastman, attendees from some 50 other companies in the region will typically attend.

Focus On Relevance

eChemExpo is called a Solutions Marketplace because of the unique way in which it is developed

  • The planning process begins ten months ahead using a “Stakeholder Interviews” process to determine real capital purchasing needs for the next two year period
  • This starts with executive level stakeholders during the first month and continues over the next three months across a broad spectrum of participants, both within and outside of Eastman Chemical Company
  • The executive level interviews determine the theme and most important focus areas
  • The remaining interviews get more specific in defining the technology challenges and best in class solution providers to participate in the Expo and Conference
  • Five to seven months ahead, the exhibitor invitation process begins
  • Less than three months ahead, the new Solutions Marketplace is rolled out

The Team

Three important groups contribute to the development and success of each new Solutions Marketplace; the Planning Team, the Mechanical & Electrical Emphasis Team, and Executive Sponsors. The 2012 Executive Sponsors from Eastman Chemical Company include:

  • Parker Smith, Vice President & General Manager of Worldwide Manufacturing Support and Quality
  • Tina Davis, Director of Global Indirect Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Jan Shumate, Director of Plant Engineering, Worldwide Engineering & Construction

2012 Planning Team

Gene Skates
Brian Joyner
Tim Nolen
Larry McCandles
Arved Harding
Jim Ryans
EASTMAN (Vacuum Symposium)
Peter Knox
Knox Research & Publishing

2012 Executive Sponsors

The 2012 Executive Sponsors from Eastman Chemical Company include:

  • Parker Smith, Vice President & General Manager of Worldwide Manufacturing Support and Quality
  • Mark Cox, Vice President, Worldwide Engineering & Construction
  • Debbie Davis Waltermire, Director of Global Indirect Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Steve Crawford, Vice President of Chemicals and Polymers Technology

2012 Support Groups

  • Mechanical Emphasis Working Group: Larry McCandless, Patrick Harnetty, Jim Taylor, David Copenhaver, Gene Skates
  • Sustainability Working Group: Tim Nolen, Mark Barbour
  • Communication Outreach: Arved Harding, Bruce Lyttle (Bristol Compressors), Tracy Coates (Nuclear Fuel Services), Braxton Sluder (BAE Systems)
  • Professional Society Liaisons: John Sanders (NETS-ACS), Harry Paris (ISA)
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