Refund Policy

April 3, 2020: Refund and carry-over options

“No Refund Policy” Prior to COVID-19:

eChemExpo has had very few cancelations and had no need for a refund related policy up until our 2016 event when we had our first cancelation in 16 years.

After the 2016 gathering we implemented the following:

  1. Space Applications can be submitted to reserve a space without making payment prior to the Early Bird deadline.   
  2. The Application can be withdrawn without penalty up until the early bird date which is usually 4 months ahead of the event (For 2020 this date was December 8, 2019).
  3. People who are not sure of their commitment are encouraged to wait until they are sure before making a payment while we hold their space.
  4. If payment is made after the early bird date and a company wants to withdraw, there are NO REFUNDS but the company can receive an 80% credit toward the next eChemExpo event unless it is within two months of the actual gathering.

NEW Post COVID-19 draft policy:

Covid-19, however, introduces the need for a re-evaluation of the pre-Covid-19 policy. Here’s the current thinking and we welcome your feedback: 

  1. All current exhibitors automatically get a 100% transfer of invested assets to the next a eChemExpo event, which has now been scheduled for October 6-7.
  2. If for some reason the October 6-7 event gets postponed again due to Covid-19, the 100% transfer of invested assets will again apply to the new dates.
  3. Anyone who has an unresolvable time conflict with the new dates has the following options:
    • 100% transfer of investment to the next scheduled eChemExpo event.
    • 80% one time refund  (the Planning Team is still discussing this).
    • The exception to the above is for Gold Sponsors who have already had a feature story written and promoted about them.  In their case, there is a $2000 deduction for the feature story benefits and then the 80% refund applies to the remaining balance. 

Our goal is to be both fair and flexible. We welcome your opinions if you are impacted by the above guidelines.