Panelist Proposals

eChemExpo 2020 is developing two featured panels and seeking abstracts for potential participants in the panel.   A preference is given to the Gold Sponsors for the first panel with the second panel being more open.   Each panel has a team of reviewers who will make the final decision on who participates in the respective panels.   The second sustainability panel will have several judges who will vote on an overall winner.   

Panel 1: Accelerating the Speed & Quality of Decision Making with Digital Transformation

Description for attendees: Join this session to learn how current and emerging systems will accelerate and enhance the speed and quality of decision making through digital transformation. Speakers from four companies will each make 10 minute presentations followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.  The panel will also address preparing employees to manage the digital divide. It’s often a matter of encouraging workers to embrace new technological tools and discard outmoded ways of doing things. With the rapidly increasing availability of new technology in manufacturing applications, the change management associated with adoption is increasingly important.

Panel 2: Rapid Fire Panel on Making Sustainability a Reality Now

Description for attendees: This rapid-fire style panel of five to seven technology providers will provide snapshots of how innovative systems are being applied to help achieve sustainability objectives and a cleaner planet.  Emerging systems and technology may transform the future of work, accelerate achievement of environmental objectives and contribute to improving the overall bottom line. This is Shark-Tank meets cutting edge Industrial-Tech. Presentation time will depend on number of accepted speakers but assume about 6 minutes each. Seating is limited.

Judging for the second panel will consider the following and more: 

  • Can this technology or system make an immediate impact?
  • Is the benefit quantifiable and/or measurable?
  • Feasibility, cost, ROI


  • Invitations to submit an abstract for consideration go out the week of Feb 24. 
  • Potential participant have until Wednesday, March 5 to submit their proposal(s)
  • Reviewers to make a first cut at finalization of panelists on Friday, March 7. Review process to continue afterwards until the panel spots are filled.

  • One or two paragraphs of about 100 words
  • about 5 points