Knox Consulting was founded in 1994 as a “market development consultancy with global intelligence”. Early clients included International Exposition Company (the “Chem Show”), Law Engineering & Environmental Services, Executive Enterprises Inc., and Putman Publishing Company.

Knox currently accepts a limited number of consulting engagements with a focus on projects that can achieve quantum leap improvement in company or industry performance in areas like e-commerce, supply chain optimization, plant integration of business with process, and making sustainable development a reality.

Knox Consulting has an uncanny ability to assess the present and predict the future. Take a look at the following market and technology assessments which appeared as cover stories in Chemical Processing magazine. Notice the date they were written and watch how his predictions are playing out in the marketplace.

February 2000
eCommerce and the Virtual Chemical Company

February 1999
Eco-efficiency: Hype or the Future?

December 1999
The Integrated Chemical Enterprise: Forging the Link Between Business and Process

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